Fluffy & Chewy Bagel-style Bread

Fluffy & Chewy Bagel-style Bread

I don't really like plump and hard bagels, so I combined the good points of bread and bagels to make this new type of bread.

Ingredients: 6 large bagels

*Bread (strong) flour
200 g
*Lys d'or (French bread flour)
100 g
*Castor sugar
20 g
5 g
180 - 190 g
Dry yeast
3 g (1 spoonful of the spoon that comes with Panasonic bread makers)
5 cups
☆Castor sugar
2 tablespoons


1. Put the * ingredients in the bread maker case. Put the yeast in the specified compartment and turn on the bread maker until the first rising.
2. Take out the dough and weigh.
3. It's convenient if you have a calculator in your kitchen drawer.
4. Lightly pound out the gas and divide the dough into 6 portions. Gently form into balls. Place on parchment paper with the seam side down. Cover with a tightly wrung out towel and let rest for 15 minutes.
5. Place them with the seam side down and use your hands to push out the gas as you stretch out the dough into circular or oblong shapes. If it's too sticky, dust with some flour.
6. Roll up the dough starting from the side closest you. Close off both ends tightly by pushing with your fingers.
7. Roll them around to blend in the seam. Place with the seam side facing you and use the palm of your hand to push down one side.
8. Gather it up with your four fingers as if wrapping the pushed side, and press together.
9. Cut a sheet of parchment paper into 6 sections and place on a baking tray. Place the dough on the paper.
10. Place the entire tray into a plastic bag and let it rise a second time. Spread out the bag so that the dough won't stick.
11. Boil the ☆ ingredients and then lower the heat to low. Boil each side of the dough for 20 seconds. Use a skimmer or similar and a pair of long chopsticks to flip them over. I boil them with the parchment paper, but you don't have to.
12. Thoroughly drain off the water (this is really important), and place on a baking tray. It's okay if they're slightly wrinkly.
13. Bake for 12-13 minutes at 190°C.
14. Remove the parchment paper as soon as they have finished baking, and place on a cooling rack. Once they have cooled, they're finished.
15. Cut them in half and lightly toast. The crispness makes them even better! First try them with just butter (margarine) to really taste the texture and flavor.

Story Behind this Recipe

I'm not awake enough in the morning to chew on tough bagels.
To satisfy my need for something easier to eat, I made a plump and chewy bagel-style bread by letting it rise thoroughly as if making regular bread.
I make this 1-2 times a week.