Braided Bread Filled with Sweetened Beans

Braided Bread Filled with Sweetened Beans

Even the pan is handmade using cardboard. This is a sweet, braided, and square shaped bean paste bread.

Ingredients: makes 5

Any dough that you'd like (I recommend "Freezable pastry bread dough" Recipe ID: 2176872)
75 g x 5 portions
Uguisu Sweet Bean Paste
55 g x 5 packages
Milk or a beaten egg
To taste


1. I used cardboard that was 5 cm tall by 8 cm wide to make a frame, and stapled it together. (If you use a milk carton, then make it 7 x 7cm)
2. Line the frame made in step one with parchment paper and staple it in. If you use parchment paper, you can reuse the pan because that the dough won't stick.
3. Divide the dough into small 75 g portions, and let the dough rise the first time. Once the dough rests for a bit, roll out the dough into 12 cm by 12 cm squares.
4. Cut the one portion into 6 strips like this....
5. Braid the dough like this.
6. Next, put the uguisu sweet bean paste on top. Use about 55 g for each one...
7. Carefully close the dough together.
8. Next put the dough into the center of the pan and let the dough rise a second time. (Let it sit for 40 minutes at 35°C (95℉).)
9. Once they have risen properly, coat them with milk or a beaten egg and then bake them for 13 minutes at 190°C (375℉).
10. Once they are done, take them out of the pans and let them cool on a cooling rack.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to copy the cutely shaped sweet bean bread that is sold at a nearby bakery. I endlessly searched the net for a recipe similar to it, but I wasn't able to find one that had the same shape.
Maybe girls would like them if you make them in a round or heart-shaped pan?