Easy Banana Pound Cake in 10 Minutes (good for infants too)

Easy Banana Pound Cake in 10 Minutes (good for infants too)

This healthy banana pound cake does not contain any butter or oil. So you can safely eat it even if you are nursing, pregnant, or on a diet. It's also great for babies and toddlers.

Ingredients: 1 pound cake

★ Cake flour
140 g
★ Baking powder
5 g
★ Sugar (optional)
20 g
Water or soy milk
150 ml


1. Preheat the oven to 180℃.
2. Peel the bananas and mash them with a fork.
3. Add the water or soy milk into the banana and mix lightly.
4. Combine all the ★ dry ingredients with the Step 3 mixture. It's better to sift the ★ ingredients, but it's not necessary.
5. Pour the batter into the pound cake pan , and bake in the preheated oven for 30 minutes.
6. Insert a bamboo stick and if it comes out without gooey batter on it, it is done!
7. If the surface of the pound cake is not quite brown yet, bring the oven temperature to the highest setting and bake it for a few more minutes. It burns easily, so keep an eye on it!!
8. Once it cools down, take it out of the pan, slice it into desired thickness, and enjoy.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made a second version banana pound cake without any butter or oil as a snack or breakfast for my son who loves bananas.
It's easy since it uses just one bowl, doesn't require any sifting, and minimizes the dishes to wash.

The bananas give a mild sweetness to the cake, so no sugar is needed.