Wham! Onigiri Stuffed with Yakiniku-Style Shaomai

Wham! Onigiri Stuffed with Yakiniku-Style Shaomai

While this dish is simple, this onigiri filled with yakiniku shaomai will never fail to satisfy.

Ingredients: 1 onigiri

Yakiniku sauce (bottled)
to taste
Cooked white rice
as needed


1. Thaw store-bought frozen shaomai and coat in yakiniku sauce.
2. Pack the shaomai inside a ball of rice and mold it into a ball.
3. Coat your hands lightly with salt when molding the rice ball, or, for a bolder flavor, try mixing a few drops of yakiniku sauce with the rice before molding!

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a recipe I created for my husband while he's working overtime.
Since meat-wrapped onigiri get your hands sticky and may not last until evening in a lunch box, I figured if the meat is tucked inside, it would be easier to eat.