Hakata Style Hot Pot Made from Rich Chicken Baitang

Hakata Style Hot Pot Made from Rich Chicken Baitang

I made a Hakata style hot pot with cloudy soup by using opaque chicken baitang soup .

Ingredients: 4 servings

Rich Chicken Baitang (Recipe ID: 2179924)
4 cups
2 cups (400 ml)
Chicken (With the bone, cut into chunks, Breast meat, Thigh meat, Wings, Drumsticks, etc.)
350-400 g
(Cut the thigh and/or breast meat into bite-sized pieces)
Chinese cabbage
Welsh Onion
1 ~ 2
Tofu (silken)
1 block
Shirataki or Malony
to taste
[Dipping Sauce]
to taste
Grated Daikon Radish (optional)
to taste
[To Finish the Hot Pot]
Rice Porridge, Ramen Noodles, Soumen Noodles, Udon Noodles etc.


1. Add water to an earthenware pot, put in the chicken, and cook for 30 minutes on low heat. Be careful that it doesn't boil over!
2. Add the ingredients, cover with a lid, and once they're boiled, it's ready. Dip the ingredients in grated daikon radish ponzu sauce and enjoy.
3. My husband enjoys both the grated daikon radish ponzu sauce way to eat, and he also adds a little bit of salt into the hot pot and eats it like that.
4. You can also finish off the hot pot with different soup flavors. Adding salt and pepper is delicious.
5. If using rice porridge to finish the hot pot, put the cooked rice in a colander, rinse quickly with water, and a smooth porridge will be made.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made rich Chicken Baitang at home, and when we went on vacation to Hakata and had hot pot, I made the soup again and wanted to try to make Hakata style hot pot.