Milky Mini Ice Cream with Jasmine Tea

Milky Mini Ice Cream with Jasmine Tea

A simple and milky ice cream to enjoy the jasmine flavor. For a snack or for a small dessert after a meal.

Ingredients: Makes 10 mini silicon cups' worth

150 ml
Jasmine tea
1 bag (containing 1.8 g for a cup)
◎ Condensed milk
1 1/2 tablespoon (please refer to Helpful Hints)
◎ Skim milk
1 tablespoon
◎ Katakuriko
1 teaspoon


1. Heat the milk in a small pan without letting it boil. Add the jasmine tea to steep.
2. Remove the jasmine tea. After the milk cools down slightly, mix in all the ◎ ingredients. Strain the mixture if it's lumpy.
3. Pour into small silicon cups. Freeze to harden.
4. Done!
5. Put them into a plastic bag and wait for it to defrost partially to make some hand-kneaded ice cream. Please wait until it's half thawed if it hardens completely.

Story Behind this Recipe

I'm a huge fan of this "Jasmine Milk Tea" (Recipe ID: 2031922). I thought it might be as amazing if it were made into ice cream, and I became hooked on it as I was trying it out. So, I posted this recipe here sort of for my own reminder.