Miso-Marinated Pork for Bento

Miso-Marinated Pork for Bento

If you make this in advance and freeze it, it comes in handy as a bento dish. This is also good for a quick lunch.

Ingredients: 6 slices

Pork roast or loin (for tonkatsu)
6 slices
110 g
80 ml
80 ml
Soy sauce
70 ml
Caster sugar
120 g


1. Add the soy sauce and other marinade ingredients to the miso little by little, and mix well between additions to make the marinade.
2. Cut each slice of pork into 5 pieces, and put into ziplock bags of the right size.
3. Add 5 tablespoons of the marinade to each slice of meat, and let it sit in the fridge for 1 day to absorb the flavor.
4. If you're planning to freeze it, put it in the freezer after 1 day of marinating. Defrost the meat right before using.

Story Behind this Recipe

I was wondering if I could make miso-marinated frozen food. Then I created this recipe following my sense of taste.