Strained Yogurt in 1 Hour

Strained Yogurt in 1 Hour

It's possible to make strained yogurt in one hour.


450 g


1. First, prepare a large sieve and a slightly smaller bowl. Be sure to use one that's smaller than the sieve, so that the whey has space to collect in the bottom!
2. Line the sieve with 4 sheets of kitchen paper.
3. Put the yogurt into the sieve!
4. Fold the protruding edges of the kitchen paper to wrap up the yogurt.
5. Put a plate on top (the plate needs to be smaller than the sieve)...
6. And then put a small bowl filled with around 500 ml of water on top of the plate, making sure it doesn't spill. Leave it like this for 30 minutes.
7. After 30 minutes, remove the layers and gather the yogurt into a ball.
8. Put the plate and bowl on top again and after 30 minutes, you'll have strained yogurt!
9. About 250 ml of whey will collect in the bowl. Don't throw it away. I use it to make bread.
10. I mixed raisins into the strained yogurt and sandwiched it in bread rolls for a snack.

Story Behind this Recipe

Cream cheese is expensive, so I made a cheaper version.