For Breakfast Mentaiko Cheese Toast Sandwich Easy!

For Breakfast Mentaiko Cheese Toast Sandwich Easy!

I just made this on a whim, and my daughter loved it. She said, "Mama, I want you to make this for me every day!"

Ingredients: 1 serving

Sandwich Bread (sliced into eighths)
2 slices
Mentaiko (salt-cured spicy pollack or cod roe)
1 portion
Sliced cheese (melting type)
1 slice


1. Spread mentaiko over the cheese slice.
2. Pour the beaten egg into a frying pan coated with butter. When the underside of the egg has hardened, stop the heat and add the mentaiko-topped cheese slice.
3. Fold the egg in a square around the cheese slice. (This is fun to do!)
4. Place it on the bread and make a sandwich. It is the perfect size to the cheese slice.
5. Toast it (high heat) until browned, and it's done.
6. Slice in half, and enjoy.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made a sandwich with my daughter's favourite ingredients, and it was surprisingly delicious.... I make it every morning.