Mofy Bunny Bento

Mofy Bunny Bento

This is a really simple Mofy bunny made with just a few ingredients!

Ingredients: 1 Mofy

Hot cooked white rice
as much as you like
Nori seaweed
to taste
1 slice
Dry thin spaghetti
1 noodle


1. Stuff the rice with whatever filling you like, then shape Mofy's head and ears. If you have time, make little paws, too!
2. Use some parchment paper to create a cutting template for the pinks of the ears.
3. [Parts to make] Ears: ham. Eyes: nori seaweed. Nose: ham and nori seaweed.
4. Use a piece of spaghetti noodle to secure the ears to the head.
5. Stick all of the parts onto the face and ears to finish!
6. I used these hole punching tools.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made this for my daughter.