Miffy Charaben

Miffy Charaben

This is a simple way of making a cute and decorative bento!


Hot cooked white rice
As much as your child eats
Nori seaweed
Enough for the eyes and mouth
Anything you like


1. Wrap some rice in plastic wrap and mold the rice into the shape. (Fill the rice with your preferred filling during this step! ) Make the face a little round.
2. Lightly shape a bit of rice into a ball and use chopsticks or skewers to slice it in half to make the ears.
3. Attach the mouth and eyes and it's finished! It's kind of like something I've seen in a magazine.
4. The moisture of the rice may seep into the side dishes, so when it's hot outside, be sure to place you Miffy into a cup or create some kind of barrier between the rice and the food!

Story Behind this Recipe

For some reason, my kids have really been into the caharacter Miffy lately, so I made this simple recipe without many ingredients.