Bonbon Ribbon Charaben

Bonbon Ribbon Charaben

It's Sanrio's Bonbon Ribbon!
Pink! Ribbon! Dots! It's such a girly bento!

Ingredients: 1 Bonbon Ribbon

Hot cooked rice
1 bowl's worth
● Rice seasoning like "Susshii", "Deco-furi", etc
as needed
1 slice
Ham (or sausage)
1 slice
as needed
Nori seaweed
to taste
to taste


1. Mix the rice with the ● ingredients, wrap with plastic, and shape the head and ears. Use a small amount of unmixed rice to make the mouth. If you have time, make the paws, too!
2. Ribbon: Make a paper template, then cut it out of the ham. (You can also use a round or oval cutter for this step)
3. Gather the ham and wrap a thin strip of ham around the middle. Fix the ends with a piece of pasta.
4. Ears: Make a paper template and cut out the ear pieces from the ham (or thinly sliced sausage).
5. Use a small straw to poke holes in the ham. Check for a good balance. Cut out holes from the cheese and put the cheese dots into the holes of the ham.
6. Small ribbons: If you have a small ribbon cutter, cut out small ribbons from the ham.
7. Mouth: Use a round cutter to cut out a circle from the ham. Cut on the circle to create a crescent sliver from the circle.
8. Eyes and nose: The cutter on the right is for the eyes, the one on the left is for the nose. ♪ (For the eyes, I cut it out first, then I have to adjust it a bit)
9. The parts look like this!
10. Arrange the rice in the bento box and attach the face parts. Use a little bit of ketchup for the cheeks and you're done!

Story Behind this Recipe

I made this bento of Bonbon Ribbon upon request!