Sapporo Ichiban Salt Ramen Carbonara

Sapporo Ichiban Salt Ramen Carbonara

You can transform salt ramen into carbonara in under 10 minutes . (1 package serves 2, so it is also a money saving recipe).

Ingredients: 2 servings

Instant ramen (salt flavored soup)
1 package
200 ml
Milk (rich milk if you can)
100 ml
About 20 g
Mixed pizza cheese
50 g
Egg yolks
Coarse ground black pepper
As you like
Chopped parsley
As you like


1. Cut the bacon into short strips, and cook until crisp. (This is up to you, but you can also cook it with garlic powder).
2. Using a saucepan you usually use for ramen, add milk and water and bring it to a boil. (It clumps easily, so stir after it has come to a boil).
3. Add the salt soup packet and mix. Add noodles and bring to a boil.
4. Boil over medium heat for about 2 minutes. It will clump up easily since you are boiling it with milk, so stir while cooking.
5. Add mixed cheese to the noodle, mix to coat the noodles, and melt.
6. After 3-3 1/2 minutes have passed, turn off the heat, add the egg yolks, and mix everything together.
7. Arrange on a plate, add bacon on top, sprinkle coarsely ground black pepper and parsley, and it is done.
8. I use block bacon. For you cheese lovers: sprinkle more grated cheese if you like.

Story Behind this Recipe

Using the salt flavored ramen as a rich base, I wondered how it would turn out as carbonara, so I made this. (This is a good chance to use up pizza cheese!) The salt flavor still remains, and it properly turns into carbonara.