Fluffy Omurice Rice Omelette

Fluffy Omurice Rice Omelette

This is a great dish to serve on Mother's Day, or any day.

Ingredients: 2 servings

For the chicken rice filling
Uncooked white rice
2 to 2 1/2 rice cooker cups (360 to 450 ml)
Chicken meat or wiener sausages
to taste
1/2 of a large one
to taste (about 5 tablespoons)
Black pepper
about 3 shakes
a pinch
Garlic (optional, if you have it)
1 clove
For the fluffy omelette (per serving)
about 1 tablespoon (or 5 cm from a squeeze bottle)
2 to 3
2 tablespoons
10 g


1. Make the chicken rice. Cook the rice so that the grains are firm. You can use leftover cold rice instead.
2. Finely chop the onion, and cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces. If you are using wiener sausages, slice to about 5 mm thick.
3. Heat up a frying pan, add some oil (not listed) and spread it around.
4. If you are using garlic, chop it finely and add it to the oil before you turn the heat on under the frying pan.
5. Sauté the onion over low-medium heat until softened and translucent.
6. When the onion is soft, add the chicken or sausages and sauté to cook through.
7. Season with salt, add the cooked rice and mix to combine evenly.
8. Add the ketchup and sauté until the rice is evenly colored. Add the black pepper.
9. Pack the rice in a rice bowl or any other bowl, and invert it onto a plate. The chicken rice is done.
10. *Now we'll make fluffly, creamy omelettes one at a time. Make them with love!
11. I think 2 eggs per person for women and 3 per person for guys is about right.
12. Break the eggs into a bowl and beat.
13. Add the milk and mayonnaise, and mix well. If the mayonnaise forms lumps, they'll disappear when the egg is cooked so don't worry.
14. Use a small frying pan (a non-stick one if possible). Heat until hot.
15. From this point on you'll need to work fast! Put 10 g of butter into the pan, and melt it while swirling the frying pan.
16. Just before the butter has completely melted (while there's still a lump of butter left), turn the heat down to low, and pour in the egg mixture.
17. Hold the pan still without shaking or 5 seconds, then stir the omelette from the outside edges inwards with cooking chopsticks, as if you are making scrambled eggs!
18. If you shake the frying pan back and forth while you cook it, the omelette will become even fluffier! Just mix for about 10 seconds, then hold the pan still for another 10 seconds.
19. Take the frying pan off the heat, and roll the omelet with cooking chopsticks to one side of the frying pan.
20. Slice a spatula between the omelette and the frying pan, and slide the omelette onto the mound of chicken rice.
21. Hide broken parts of the omelette with ketchup..
22. I recommend serving it with lots of ketchup on top. Demi-glace sauce also goes well with this.

Story Behind this Recipe

My boyfriend asked me to make a fluffy and cream soft omurice. This is what I arrived at after a lot of practice!