How to Prepare Grilled Horse Mackerel

How to Prepare Grilled Horse Mackerel

Easier than you think!
This is a basic recipe to prepare and cook fish.

Ingredients: 4 servings

Horse Mackerel
Coarse salt
as needed


1. [Remove the scutes] Cut off the scutes (hard scales on the outside of horse mackerel) from the tail end using a sawing motion.
2. [Remove the gills] Place the fish with its back facing down, and cut the bone under the lower jaw.
3. Open the gill flaps, and use a knife to remove the gills.
4. [Remove the guts] Position the fish with the head on your right. Cut a 3-4 cm slit from under the dorsal fin to the stomach.
5. Use the tip of the knife to remove the guts.
6. [Rinse] Clean well until all the guts are removed.
7. Dry.
8. Position the head on the left and cut two diagonal slits.
9. [Salt] Rub coarse salt all over the fish.
10. [Dust with salt] Salt the tail and dorsal fins with salt.
11. Salt inside the cleaned cavity.
12. Set aside for 20 - 30 minutes.
13. Grill for 20 minutes.
14. It's done.

Story Behind this Recipe

Supermarkets usually sell cuts of fish already filleted and packaged, but I uploaded this recipe in case you want to learn how to do it.
It's easier than you think!!