Seared Skipjack Tuna Wasabi and Ponzu

Seared Skipjack Tuna Wasabi and Ponzu

This recipe uses store-bought, vacuum sealed, seared tuna like you might find in a Japanese pub. Easy and heaped with vegetables.

Ingredients: An easily made amount

Store Bought Seared Skipjack Tuna
250-300 g
New sweet onion and green onion
1 medium, to taste
2 leaves
1 small clove
1 small red chilli pepper sliced into rounds
1 pepper
3 tablespoons
Wasabi in a tube
1 heaping tablespoon


1. Cut the seared skipjack tuna into thick slices. Slice the season-fresh onion and garlic. Shred the lettuce. Finely chop the green onion.
2. Layer on a plate: onion, lettuce, seared skipjack tuna, garlic, green onion, and chili pepper. Mix the ponzu and wasabi.
3. Just before eating, add the wasabi and ponzu sauce.

Story Behind this Recipe

Eat this instead of your usual salad! This makes a great side dish to hot pots. At our house we recommend this dish with sake. It is also good with beer or shochu.