Diet Friendly Steamed Banana Cake Made with Tofu

Diet Friendly Steamed Banana Cake Made with Tofu

This is a super easy banana cake that you can make in a rice cooker. It's a fluffy and moist cake with the mild sweetness of bananas.


Silken tofu
150 g
Yogurt (I use unsweetened yogurt but any kind is ok)
80 g
Pancake mix
200 g
2 (or 3 small)


1. Put the silken tofu (no need to drain it) into a bowl. Whip with a whisk until creamy.
2. Add the yogurt and pancake mix. Mix well.
3. Finally, toss in the bananas. Mash them up roughly. Use a rubber spatula to mix until blended. Pour into the rice cooker.
4. Smooth out the surface and turn on the rice cooker. Cook through 1-2 cycles.
5. When done, remove the cake from the rice cooker and let it cool and rest. There you have a chewy cake with a nice banana aroma.
6. Someone wanted to try baking it in an oven, so I decided to take the challenge and make it in a pound cake pan!!
7. I baked it for 50 minutes in an oven set to 170ÂșC. I like it with a very soft, chewy texture, so the baking time might be a bit short for some.
8. Since the original recipe was created for a steamed cake, the baked version came out softer and more moist than a normal pound cake. But it tasted good.

Story Behind this Recipe

I was having problems controlling my appetite so I wanted to eat a substantial amount of something relatively healthy.