Osaka Saturday Night Okonomiyaki (Easy to Make)

Osaka Saturday Night Okonomiyaki (Easy to Make)

When I was a student, my mother would always buy okonomiyaki ingredients for me to cook on Saturday night for dinner.

Ingredients: 1

Cake flour, or readymade okonomiyaki powder
Yam potato flour
A little bit
Bonito flake powder
A little bit
Cabbage (shredded)
Beni shouga red pickled ginger (finely chopped)
A little bit
Tempura crumbs
However much you like
Egg (medium)
Thinly sliced pork belly
2 slices
Japanese Worcestershire-style Sauce
As much you like
As much you like
As much you like
Japanese mustard
As much you like


1. In a bowl, add the cake flour (or ready to use okonomiyaki powder), yam potato powder, and bonito flake powder.
2. Add 50g of water and mix. At this point, the batter will become sticky.
3. Julienned cabbage will help add air to the batter and make fluffy okonomiyaki. It's best to have lots of cabbage.
4. Add the batter from step 2, tempura crumbs, red pickled ginger to the cabbage and mix together. You might think there isn't enough batter at this point but we will add an egg later, so it's fine.
5. Once the ingredients are well incorporated, crack an egg and mix.
6. It should look something like this.
7. Oil a pan and turn the heat to high to cook the okonomiyaki.
8. Add thinly sliced pork belly on top.
9. Once the surface starts to brown, flip it over before it burns.
10. Cook the pork belly side over high heat and once it starts starts to brown, lower the heat and cover with a lid to steam.
11. Flip the okonomiyaki over again once it has cooked all the way through. The grease from the pork fat works as extra oil to the pan.
12. Once it's all done, smear Japanese Worcestershire-style sauce, mayonnaise, aonori dried powdered seaweed, and bonito flake powder on top. You can also add mustard if you like.

Story Behind this Recipe

I posted this recipe from my time living with my parents in Osaka during middle and high school when we cooked okonomiyaki every week. You can also cook the pork belly slices in the pan first and use that grease to cook the okonomiyaki batter. Even when using seafood ingredients, I still recommend using pork belly slices. It also tastes great with nori seaweed on top.