Chikuwa, Shiso, and Cheese Rolls

Chikuwa, Shiso, and Cheese Rolls

A great side dish for bento or snacks.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Shiso leaves
Easy melting sliced cheese
1 slice


1. Vertically slice open the chikuwa. Pull open the edges.
2. On the side with the char marks, place the shiso, and 1/2 of a cheese slice.
3. Roll it up.
4. Secure with 2 toothpicks or cute plastic bento picks.
5. Cut the roll in half between the toothpicks.
6. Repeat with remaining ingredients.

Story Behind this Recipe

I created this to use up shiso leaves. I didn't have any umeboshi paste, but I think it would add a nice touch.