Easy Panda Rice Balls for Lunchboxes

Easy Panda Rice Balls for Lunchboxes

Cutting out the facial features from the nori is easy!


Hot cooked rice
as needed
Nori seaweed
to taste


1. This is how to make the facial features with nori. For the ears, cut a circle in half. For the eyes, cut 2 small circles. For the nose, cut in a small triangle and round off 1 corner.
2. For the hands, stack on 2 sheets of nori to make 2 rectangles, at a size of about 1 cm × 3 cm and round off to 1 side.
3. Make a small barrel shaped onigiri. You can tuck in your favorite fillings! Or simply season it with salt.
4. Assemble the parts. You can add a mouth or change the facial expression if you like! Placing umeboshi (salt-cured ume plums) on the cheeks are cute too.
5. Stick on the hand shaped nori at a slant and they will turn out very nice.
6. You can pack them in a bento box lying down or sitting up. Lining up a bunch of them are also cute.
7. I placed them on our kid's breakfast platter.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is for my daughter who adores pandas.