Lasagna-style Layered Broccoli and Potatoes ♪

Lasagna-style Layered Broccoli and Potatoes ♪

It looks like lasagna at first glance (*^^)v
This is actually a side dish with lots of vegetables ♡


1 head
Meat sauce (Recipe ID: 2197415) or store-bought meat sauce
100 g
Heavy cream
50 ml
Pizza cheese
50 g


1. Boil the potatoes and broccoli and cut into bite size pieces.
2. Arrange the potatoes and broccoli from Step 1 in an oven safe bowl. Pour the meat sauce over it and sprinkle on the pizza cheese.
3. Grill or bake for 10 - 15 minutes at 300ºC.

Story Behind this Recipe

I usually put broccoli in salads... but I thought it would be good to do something a little different once in a while ♪