Fresh Lasagna & Cannelloni

Fresh Lasagna & Cannelloni

Sheets of lasagna are easy to use and convenient to have on hand.


Pasta dough


1. Prepare the pasta dough. To make your own and pair it with various sauces, see Recipe ID: 2140040.
2. Roll it out to 1-2 mm thick.
3. Cut into appropriate sizes. This time I cut them into 15 x 20 cm.
4. I used cannelloni (big macaroni). Boil it and dry it off. Top with the filling ingredients and then roll it up like a sushi roll.
5. I topped them with Parmesan cheese and tomatoes then baked them. Recipe ID: 2212868.
6. The cannelloni filling that I used was made from stir-fried vegetables and ricotta cheese. This is great for a snack. So delicious.
7. You can easily make the ricotta cheese with a microwave by using milk and vinegar. Recipe ID: 2143266

Story Behind this Recipe

I love fresh pasta so I want to try out different types.