Easy Hand-Rolled Sushi Party

Easy Hand-Rolled Sushi Party

Have a hand-rolled sushi party with easy-to-make temaki-zushi!

Ingredients: 2 servings

Sushi Rice:
150 ml
15 g
a pinch
Freshly cooked rice
1.5 rice cooker cups' worth (uncooked)
Sushi ingredients
Your choice of fillings


1. Cook the rice. Combine the ★ ingredients well, then stir it to the rice.
2. Prepare the sushi fillings! Typical fillings we use include lettuce, cucumber, potato salad, imitation crab meat, egg, cheese, and canned tuna mixed with mayonnaise.
3. You could also fill them with chicken kara-age or simmered sweet beef. I sometimes use frozen kara-age. Use whatever you have on hand.
4. Here's some sashimi for filling. Whatever you can buy cheaply that day!
5. Now all you need to do is roll 'em up!

Story Behind this Recipe

Have a fuss-free hand-rolled sushi party! Roll up your favorite fillings!