Pure Vanilla Extract

Pure Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract is a popular American baking ingredient. The additive-free natural aroma of the vanilla extract is enticing.

Ingredients: An easy-to-make amount

Vanilla beans
Bourbon, vodka, rum, dark rum or whiskey
160 ml


1. Make a slit down the middle of the vanilla beans, leaving the tops and bottoms. Do not remove the seeds.
2. Put the vanilla beans in an air-tight bottle, that will not leak if shaken, then pour in your choice of liqueur. Add enough to cover the beans.
3. For a period of two weeks, once a day, give the bottle a shake. Then, allow it to sit for 3 to 4 weeks, then it's done. The color will darken as the days pass.
4. Store in a cool location. The amount of liqueur should be 80 ml per bean.
5. See Recipe ID:1775232 for Classic American Vanilla Cupcakes.

Story Behind this Recipe

Since vanilla extract is expensive in Japan, I did some research on how to make it. It seemed easy, so I came up with my own recipe for an easy-to-make amount.