Children's Day Rice with Carp Streamer Pick Decorations

Children's Day Rice with Carp Streamer Pick Decorations

You can whip up a special Children's Day (May 5th) dish if you have just 5 minutes to spare.
Are you thinking "I don't want to do anything difficult! But I do want to make something a bit special for Childen's Day!" Then this recipe is for you!


Hot cooked white rice
Enough to eat
Pudding cup or something cup shaped
as needed
Masking tape...
as needed
...or colored vinyl tape
as needed
as needed
Round color stickers
as needed


1. I shaped the rice that I normally serve in rice bowls inside a cup. Just pack it in tightly. Quickly run the mold under water to make it easier to pop out the rice from the mold.
2. Turn a toothpick and some masking tape into carp streamers by cutting a tail, and fixing the tape to the toothpick. Use stickers for the eyes. I just stacked a blue one on top of a white one though.
3. I used small round color stickers that can be found at a stationery store. I got 3250 stickers for 100 yen. I can make so many! What a deal!
4. Now all you have to do is stick the carp streamer pick into the molded rice. But it sure will make your kids feel special!
5. This Children's Day rice looks so cute, even if you serve it on boring everyday plates!
6. Here I made a more elaborate 3-tier carp streamer pick.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted just upload the method for making the picks, but Cookpad doesn't accept submissions that aren't recipes I suppose... That's why I'm showing the picks on top of something you might find on a kid lunch menu.