Fruit Preserved in Brandy/Rum

Fruit Preserved in Brandy/Rum

Just cut the fruit and soak it in brandy. It's easy!


Brandy (rum)
Enough to cover the fruit
Your favorite fruit
as needed


1. Thinly slice the fruit. Cut into any shape or size you like. Use dried fruit as-is.
2. Put the fruit in an air-tight container, and pour in enough brandy (or rum) to cover everything.
3. If possible, leave to soak for a month. If not, leave it for at least a week, before using in cakes and cookies.
4. This photo shows pear soaked in rum for over 6 months.
5. I used brandy-soaked fruit in this recipe : "Extravagant Fruit Pound Cake with Aromatic Brandy" Recipe ID: 2196350.

Story Behind this Recipe

I love brandy cake, and I keep brandy-soaked fruit in my house so I can make it whenever I want.