Springy Okara & Tofu Nuggets

Springy Okara & Tofu Nuggets

This dish is a meat-free, money-saver, and low-cal. Just mix the ingredients together and fry. They're chewy, crispy, and extremely delicious. Kids also enjoy eating these.

Ingredients: 12 nuggets

80 g
90 g
15 g
10 g
Chicken stock granules
1 teaspoon
Grated cheese
a small amount


1. Mix everything together. Separate into 12 portions and shape into nuggets. Use a fork to make patterns on their surfaces so they look like real chicken nuggets.
2. Pan-fry both sides in olive oil. Dip in sauce.

Story Behind this Recipe

When I attempted to make something with my two favorites (okara and tofu), it was a huge success!