Ultra-Easy! Seriously Addictive Frozen Yogurt

Ultra-Easy! Seriously Addictive Frozen Yogurt

I've included step-by-step photos. This is seriously addictive! So easy with just 3 ingredients. And very little washing up to do. You have to give this a try.


Plain yogurt
250 g
50 ml
30 to 40 g (I always use the larger amount, 40 g)


1. First, put the yogurt and sugar in a shallow container or tray, and mix well with a spoon.
2. Add milk and mix very well.
3. Close with a lid. If you used a tray, cover with plastic wrap.
4. Put the container in the freezer and freeze.
5. After 30 minutes to an hour when it's starts to harden, mix up well. The photo show the first mix.
6. Mix again in 30 minutes...
7. Smooth out the surface neatly each time.
8. Leave for an hour, and mix again...
9. Leave for a little while longer, and mix. I love this sorbet like taste and texture.
10. If you want it to be icier, leave it in the freezer overnight and it will become very icy.
11. The version in the top photo was frozen overnight.
12. Serve it topped with plenty of jam, and it's heavenly.
13. You can use 100 g of milk and 200 g of yogurt, and the taste won't change a bit! For when you only have a little yogurt on hand.

Story Behind this Recipe

"Oh, I have some yogurt in the fridge... Maybe it'll taste good frozen?" That thought was how this recipe was born.
I thought it up when I got home from sports training at my middle school. I was tired... and wanted to eat something cold and delicious.