Funassyi Onigiri (for grown-ups too)

Funassyi Onigiri (for grown-ups too)

This character bento is fun for kids and adults alike.


Warm rice (mixed with yellow decofuri)
as needed
Warm rice (mixed with blue decofuri)
as needed
Facial features:
Nori seaweed
as needed
Carrot, ham, crab sticks etc.
as needed


1. Split the warm rice into 2 parts and mix 1 part with yellow decofuri and 1 part with blue decofuri.
2. Using both colours of rice, form a sack-shape (there should be slightly more yellow than blue.) If you line a cup with cling film and pack it with rice, then remove it still wrapped and correct the shape, it's easy.
3. Make the eyes out of nori seaweed and use a carrot or similar to make the mouth. Complete Funassyi by adding 2 edamame beans to make the leaf on his head.
4. Cutting out the center of Funassyi's eyes is quite fiddly so it might be easier to cut out the "U" shape and a circle and combine them.
5. You can put Funassyi in curry rice too (Recipe ID: 2197281).
6. How about some Funassyi Bread? (Recipe ID: 2430358) and (Recipe ID: 2429493)

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make a character bento that would make grown-ups laugh, too. I thought that Funassyi would do the trick. I love him!