Curry for Funyassi Fans

Curry for Funyassi Fans

This is also great for winter stews! This one's for all you Funassyi fans!


Your favorite curry
as needed
Blue rice (use decofuri (colored rice flavoring) or other coloring)
as needed
Yellow rice (use tumeric rice, decofuri (colored rice flavoring) or other coloring)
as needed
Facial features
Nori seaweed
to taste
Carrots or fukujinzuke (sweet relish)
as needed


1. Mix the decofuri into the hot rice to make the colored rice. If you have tumeric rice, you can also use that!
2. Line a round, shallow cup with plastic wrap (so that you can easily take it out later) and stuff with the yellow rice. Then, stuff in some of the blue rice. Squish it down!
3. Remove from the cup and shape as needed through the plastic wrap. Set onto a plate with the blue side down.
4. Make the facial features with the nori and stick them on. I made the mouth out of carrots. It'd probably also be yummy if you used fukujin-zuke, don't you think? For the leaf on the top of the head, I used edamame.
5. Making the empty parts in the eyes is a little difficult. Like in the picture, if you use a U-shaped cutter and a ‚óŹ shaped cutter, you should be able to manage.
6. Pour curry around Funassyi and it's done!

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a curry I made for my husband when he was going to be home alone. I wanted to amaze him with my Funassyi! Funassyi is really quite odd, but he's grown on me. He's cute, so I like him!