Easy! Shiro-an (Sweet White Bean Paste) with Dried Fruits

Easy! Shiro-an (Sweet White Bean Paste) with Dried Fruits

You can use this as a bread filling and many other things. It's easy to prepare!


Amanatto made of white runner beans
1 pack (about 100 g)
a small amount
Dried fruit of your choice
15g or however much you like


1. Cut the pieces of dried fruit to a size you like. If you use something small like raisins, you can leave them as is. In the upper left corner of this photo is dried pineapple.
2. Put the amanatto, water, and salt in a pan and heat. Simmer the beans over low heat while you mash them with a wooden spatula.
3. When the beans have gotten soft, take the pot off the flame and add the dried fruits. Make sure to mix the fruit in well and you're done.
4. This tastes great inside bread rolls like anpan or with other snacks.
5. This is what it looked like when I added dried strawberries and a bit of food coloring. You can try this recipe with all your favorite dried fruits.

Story Behind this Recipe

I tried making user "Fuuan "'s "For Osechi - Easy and Authentic Shiro-an" (Recipe ID: 1231014) and it was delicious and easy to make.
It tasted good when I added dried fruit so I rearranged the recipe a bit.