Easy Cookies With Yogurt & Olive Oil

Easy Cookies With Yogurt & Olive Oil

These cookies are intended to be a healthy snack. They contain no butter and no egg and yet they are delicious. You can make them in the oven.

Ingredients: Makes 1 baking pan

Cake flour
80 g
Corn starch or katakuriko
20 g
*Olive oil or vegetable oil
30 g
30 g
40 g
Jam, dried fruits, etc.
to taste


1. Mix the ingredients in order with a whisk. Add the ingredients, cut in, and blend. Helpful hint: Don't over mix.
2. Put the dough into a piping bag and squeeze it out, or use a spoon to drop it on parchment paper. Put jam or dried fruits on top to taste.
3. Bake at 350°F/180℃ for 15~18 minutes. Cool down a little and they are done.
4. A friend said you can bake half of the dough in an oven for about 7 minutes.
5. Helpful hint to decorate the cookies with jam: Wet your finger or the end of a spoon handle to make a hole in the cookie dough so that the jam won't spill out.
6. Helpful tip for piping the dough: Wrap the dough with cling film. Tie one end of the cling film.
7. Put the untied end through a piping nozzle. Put the bag in a piping bag.
8. Cut the cling film at the nozzle and squeeze out the dough. By doing so, the piping bag won't be dirty and it will be hard to burst. You can reuse the piping bag as well.
9. Delicious oatmeal cookies. Recipe ID: 2211954. Biscotti Recipe ID: 2154743.

Story Behind this Recipe

I love yogurt and olive oil. So I put them in cookie dough. I couldn't stop eating.