Soba Noodles Topped with Kimchi, Mayonnaise, & Tofu!

Soba Noodles Topped with Kimchi, Mayonnaise, & Tofu!

This dish has only [312] calories! This is a very satisfying, low-glycemic dish made with soba noodles and tofu! This dish is great for those on a diet.

Ingredients: Serves 1

Boiled soba noodles (buckwheat noodles)
For 1 person (150 g)
150 g
50 g (Or however much you would like)
to taste
to taste
(Optional) nori seaweed
to taste


1. Cook the noodles following the package instructions, and drain. The take the tofu (that you've heated up in the microwave), the kimchi, the mayo, and the mentsuyu and put them on top and it's ready!
2. Garnish with nori seaweed if you'd like.
3. A popular summer variation is to serve chilled.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to eat something filling! I love chilled kimchi and mayonnaise, so instead of using rice, I decided to use low-glycemic soba noodles! It ended up being extremely filling and you can enjoy this guilt free.