Raisin Yogurt

Raisin Yogurt

This is sweet, even though it has no sugar in it!! It's so rich you won't believe it's yogurt. You can eat it as-is, or spread it on bread.


Plain yogurt
100 g
30 g
Rock salt
optional, a tiny bit


1. Drain the plain yogurt well. Wrap it in paper towels, put a weight on top, and leave to drain for a whole day.
2. Mix the raisins in evenly, leave for another day, and it's done (I used brown and yellow raisins in the top photo.)
3. Wrap small portions in plastic and leave for a day. The bites will harden into little desserts.
4. I used some cocoa powder on top of the yogurt morsels in the Step 3 photo, but cinnamon powder is good too. Try adding some rum to the yogurt. If you add one tablespoon of skim milk powder, the tartness of the yogurt will become mild.
6. Although it doesn't fit the recipe title, adding other dried fruits is delicious too. The version in the Step 5 photo has dried mango and orange peel.
7. This is great sandwiched between cookies, too. If you use it like this, make sure to drain the yogurt very well!

Story Behind this Recipe

I love raisin butter, but I can't help eating too much of it.
If I use yogurt instead, I don't have to worry if my kids gorge themselves on it!!
I made this with plain yogurt, and the result was thick and rich tasting.