Tuna and Scallion Tamagoyaki for Bentos

Tuna and Scallion Tamagoyaki for Bentos

This tamagoyaki recipe is flavored with mentsuyu noodle dipping sauce. It has tuna... so everyone from kids to adults will love it!

Ingredients: 2 servings

Canned tuna (packed in water)
From 1/3 of a can
Scallions (finely sliced)
As you like
1 1/2 - 2 teaspoons


1. Break the eggs into a bowl. Add the tuna, finely sliced scallions, noodle sauce, and mix.
2. Cook over low heat as if you were making normal tamagoyaki (Recipe ID: 2457792). Slowly and carefully...
3. When it's cooled, *cut with a sharp knife. Wait until it has cooled before you pack it in a bento box.

Story Behind this Recipe

I like tuna tamagoyaki. I added scallions for a bit of colour. Strongly seasoned with noodle sauce.