Sushi Cake #2

Sushi Cake #2

This is my second in a series of simple sushi cakes. Use whatever you prefer for the topping.

Ingredients: 1 whole cake

Sushi rice
About 3 rice cooker cups (when uncooked)
Salmon (sashimi grade)
150 g
Peeled shrimp
8 shrimp
Salmon roe
to taste
Eggs for kinshi tamago
Green beans
4-5 pods
To taste
Pickled mibuna
About 1 package
Toasted sesame
To taste


1. Cook the eggs to make kinshi tamago, and boil the green beans and shrimp (cut the green beans diagonally).
2. Make the sushi rice with freshly cooked rice, and mix in about 1/4 of the rice with denbu to make it pink.
3. Lightly squeeze the minced mibuna tsukemono, and mix it together with sesame and the remaining sushi rice.
4. Pack the sushi rice into a cake pan in 3 layers placing the pink sushi rice in the center, and flip it over.
5. Top with kinshi tamago, and decorate it with rose-shaped salmon, shrimp, salmon roe, and green beans, then it's finished.
6. I served the leftover rice in mini glass cups for appetizers.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made this with various ingredients, so I don't have step photos, and a lot of the ingredients were added in random amounts, but I jotted it all down, and uploaded this recipe.