Easy Flower-Shapes! Ham and Cheese Rose Bento Box Fillers

Easy Flower-Shapes! Ham and Cheese Rose Bento Box Fillers

These are so easy to make. Just roll up ham and cheese to make fun and gorgeous roses. Add color and calcium to bentos. Great as drinking appetizers too.

Ingredients: 2 roses

Ham (round)
2 slices
Sliced cheese
1 slice


1. Cut the ham slices in half. Layer 2 halves together, shifted 2 cm to the side, and fold back the top half as shown. Cut the cheese.
2. Cut the sliced cheese as shown in the photo. Although the cheese will be straight rather than curved, you can just cut it straight down the middle if you like.
3. Layer the cheese sliced marked ② on top of the ham slice from Step 1. Cut ① cheese slice into small pieces and stack on the left end (where you'll start rolling).
4. Roll up the ham and cheese starting from the left edge. Don't roll too tightly. If you roll it so the top arch of the ham goes to the opposite side, it will have a neat finish.
5. When it's rolled up, adjust the ham on the outside so that it's loose like a real rose. Do this before you secure the roll with a toothpick.
6. Secure the roll with a toothpick or a piece of uncooked spaghetti. Fold back the roll end as shown in the photo, on the other side too.
7. When the rolls are secured, adjust the ham gently to finish. Roll the other set of ham turned 180 degrees. Cut up cheese slice ④, then repeat the steps starting from Step 3.
8. A little green will make the roses really stand out. I added mint leaves here.
9. You can also make a ham-only roses, from step 1. Try making a variety, with or without cheese, buds or fully opened blooms - have fun with these.
10. You can serve these ham-and-cheese roses for dinner too. To make heartier ham and egg roses, see Recipe ID: 2159947.
11. Try these as hors d'oeuvres or drinking appetizers. For ham and cream cheese roses, see Recipe ID: 2277044.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is one of the recipes I devised to add color to bento boxes.
When I uploaded my ham and egg rose recipe and mentioned that I also make them with cheese or nori seaweed, a friend who say that asked me to upload a ham and cheese version. I hope this is useful to you.