Authentic Porcini and Cream Risotto

Authentic Porcini and Cream Risotto

I like this authentic creamy risotto with the king of mushrooms, porcini.
Everybody can enjoy a restaurant-quality dish at home with this recipe.

Ingredients: 1.5 to 2 servings

Dried porcini
10 to 15 g
Garlic oil Recipe ID: 1117234 or extra virgin olive oil
40 ml
Garlic (crushed with the back of the knife)
1 clove ...if you use the garlic oil omit this garlic
Onion (minced)
1/3 to 1/2
Uncooked rice (without rinsing)
1 rice cooker cup (180 ml)
White wine
30 ml
Stock cube
1 and 1/2 tablespoons
20 g
Heavy cream...A
30 to 50 ml (adjust to your taste)
Parmesan cheese
as needed
Black pepper (whole or coarsely ground)
as needed
Salt and pepper
to taste


1. Cover the dried porcini with lukewarm water (about 150 ml) and leave to sit for about 1 hour to rehydrate.
2. Chop the onion roughly. Crush the garlic with the back of your knife.
3. Line the sieve with kitchen paper.
4. After rehydrating squeeze out the excess water from the porcini and put onto a chopping board. Pour the soaking water through Step 3.
5. Cut the porcini to the size you like. I save some to garnish. This is optional though.
6. Mix the soaking water and water to make 600 ml of liquid. Pour the liquid into a pan with stock cubes.
7. Bring the stock to the boil and turn off the heat. Stir quickly and leave to stand.
8. Put the cold extra virgin olive oil and the garlic in a cold frying pan. Cook over a low heat until fragrant.
9. When the garlic from Step 8 is golden brown and fragrant, remove.
10. If you use the garlic oil Recipe ID: 1117234 omit Step 8 and 9. Go straight to Step 11.
11. Add the onion to the oil in the pan and sprinkle in the salt and pepper. Cook over a low to medium heat until translucent.
12. When the onion is translucent add the rice. Fry the rice and coat each grain of rice with oil. Keep the heat low to medium.
13. When the rice from Step 12 is translucent and warm add the white wine.
14. Bring Step 13 to the boil and leave for 30 seconds. Add Step 5 and 7 to cover the content of the pan. Continue to cook over a low to medium heat.
15. Try not to touch the content of the pan from Step 14 to the end. If you are worried about burning, move the frying pan around.
16. When some of the liquid from Step 15 has evaporated add more hot stock to cover the content. * In this photo you can see some of the liquid has evaporated.
17. Repeat Steps 14 and 16 until the rice is cooked al dente.
18. It takes about 15 to 17 minutes from Step 14 until the rice is nicely cooked. Pour in about 2 ladles of 7 every time some of the liquid has evaporated.
19. Check if the rice is just before al dente to your taste 15 minutes after Step 14. If it is still hard continue to cook further.
20. Add A ingredients just before al dente to your taste and bring to the boil. Turn off the heat. Separate and save the porcini garnish.
21. Grate the parmesan cheese into Step 20 and stir gently. Season with salt and pepper.
22. Transfer to a serving dish and sprinkle with black pepper to your taste.
23. This authentic risotto is very luxurious with fragrant porcini and its nice flavour...
24. Enjoy a restaurant-quality risotto at home.
25. Keep Step 7 over a low heat all the time. Keep simmering gently after Step 14.
26. Some of stock might be left. It differs according to the heat, how firm you like your rice, and the consistency to suit your taste.
27. If the stock runs out before the rice is cooked through, your heat is too high.
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Story Behind this Recipe

We love risotto and this is one of our favorites.