Hawaiian Breakfast: Corned Beef and Hashed Potatoes

Hawaiian Breakfast: Corned Beef and Hashed Potatoes

A souvenir recipe from Hawaii. Breakfast food isn't limited to pancakes or French toasts. This fragrant and sweet and salty taste is addictive.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Corned Beef
1 can (100 g)
1 medium (about 100 g)
Bread of your choice
2 slices


1. Peel the potatoes and quarter. Soak in water and drain. Wrap with plastic wrap and microwave for 2 minutes. Coarsely mash with a fork.
2. Shred the corned beef with a fork and mix it with the potatoes from Step 1 while they are still hot.
3. Heat vegetable oil in the skillet and pan-fry the potato mixture from Step 2 in two batches. Cook it slowly and flip it over when it is cooked through. The goal is to make it crispy and fragrant!
4. Cut the banana in half then cut again lengthwise. Pan-fry both sides of the banana in the open space in the skillet. Make a sunny-side up as well (or scrambled eggs).
5. Transfer the corned beef and potatoes on to the plate, top with banana and sprinkle black pepper on top. Enjoy with a sunny side up and toasted bread.
6. It's a copy cat recipe of a dish from WAILANA Coffee House. Their coffee is also wonderful!

Story Behind this Recipe

When I go to Hawaii, I eat breakfast at least once at WAILANA Coffee House in Waikiki. I recreated my favorite breakfast menu item with easy-to-obtain ingredients.