Strawberry Daifuku Japanese Dessert With Sakura-Mochi Skin

Strawberry Daifuku Japanese Dessert With Sakura-Mochi Skin

Cute Japanese dessert that is easy to make using measuring cups. You just need to wrap anko (sweet red beans) and a strawberry with a thinly cooked round mochi skin! It is a very spring-like delicious dessert.

Ingredients: Makes 20

Cake flour
1 cup - 200ml
1/2 cup
2 tablespoons
250 ml
Red food coloring
a small amount
Tsubu-an (sweet chunky azuki bean paste)
400 g


1. In a container, combine cake flour, shiratamako and sugar together.
2. Add 200 ml of water into the container and mix until the lumps disappear.
3. Add the remaining water and mix until smooth. Strain through a fine colander once. This step makes the batter smooth and beautiful.
4. Dissolve the red food coloring in a small amount of water. Pour it into the batter to make your favorite tone of pink. Even if you feel the color may be just a little too light, it will strengthen after cooking, so will be around right.
5. Preheat an electric griddle to 200℃. Cook the batter to make 12 cm round skins. Cook it until the surface is 90% dry.
6. Turn it over right away and cook it for 10 more seconds. Move it onto a plate and wrap it with plastic wrap or cloth. Leave it until cool.
7. Place anko (sweet red bean) and strawberry onto the skin, and wrap the skin around them. Be careful not to tear it. Make creases like in the photo to finish forming.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made sakura-mochi, so I made this strawberry daifuku as well.