My Family's Secret Recipe!? Minced Shrimp

My Family's Secret Recipe!? Minced Shrimp

This is a slightly sweetened minced shrimp. The beautiful natural orange color of the shrimp goes well with chirashizushi and pressed sushi. You can stock this in the freezer, too!

Ingredients: 1 bowl worth

Small prawns
250 g
1 tablespoon
scant 1/2 teaspoon
5 ml
Sake for boiling
to taste


1. Use small shrimp for frying, which are easy on budget. If they're small shrimp, any kind is okay. Refer to the picture.
2. Boil water, add a little sake, and boil the shrimp. This removes the distinct raw shrimp smell.
3. When you finish boiling, peel just this amount.
4. It only ends up with this much! Compare to the plastic bottle cap on the side.
5. Put in a mortar and smash the shrimp.
6. Once it's smashed, it'll begin to meld together.
7. Once it clumps together, add the seasonings.
8. It'll begin to look like a paste.
9. Roll together everything in the bowl into a ball.
10. Heat into a non-stick pan over low heat and break it up using 4 cooking chopsticks.
11. Be careful not to let it burn as you crumble it.
12. It will slowly become fine.
13. Once it's cooked through and dry, it's done.
14. It's good on top of hot rice. It goes really well with sushi. My family's standard is using it with pressed sushi.

Story Behind this Recipe

This family recipe has been passed down through the generations. It seems that it is from my great grandmother who worked at a small restaurant.