Wheat Bran and Walnut Bagels

Wheat Bran and Walnut Bagels

These are simplistic bagels full of nutrients. I love the balanced natural sweetness and aroma.

Ingredients: 5~6 servings

Domestically produced strong bread flour
270 g
Wheat bran (roasted bran)
30 g
5 g
Unrefined sugar
12 g
135 g plus
Homemade natural yeast starter
90 g
Walnuts (roasted)
50 g
↓ When using yeast:
Dried yeast
3 g
153~156 g
For kettling:
Hot water
1 liter plus
Sweetener (molasses, sugar, or honey)
1 tablespoon


1. Place all of the ingredients aside from the walnuts into a bowl and knead with a spatula.
2. Transfer to a working surface, and knead until glossy. Rise for the first time to your desired size.
3. Roll up into 6 equal portions, and let sit for 20 minutes.
4. Stretch the dough out into a rectangle, roll in the walnuts, and shape the bagel. Proceed with the second rising.
5. Heat up water for kettling in a pot (don't let it boil), add in the sweetener, and boil on each side for 30 seconds apiece.
6. Drain the water, line up on a cookie sheet, preheat an oven to 220℃, lower it to 200℃, and bake for about 18 minutes.
7. I only used 50 g of walnuts, but please feel free to use as much as you like.
8. I shaped these bagels into flowers without using walnuts.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is the bagel version of my wheat bran series.
I want my family to eat wheat bran, so I always mix it into simple bread.