Just like Seasoned Eggs from a Ramen Shop

Just like Seasoned Eggs from a Ramen Shop

Great as a ramen topping, or as a side dish. A yummy seasoned egg.

Ingredients: 2 eggs

50 ml
Soy sauce
2 tablespoons


1. Add mirin to a pot, and bring to a boil to evaporate the alcohol. Turn off the heat, and add soy sauce. Let it sit until cooled!!
2. Add water to a pot and bring to a boil. Gently put the eggs in, and boil for 5 - 6.5 minutes. You can boil them right after you take them out from the fridge.
3. Pour soy sauce mixture from Step 1 into a ziplock bag. Add peeled eggs, and close the bag by pushing the air out.
4. Marinating for half a day makes them delicious, but they taste better if you can marinate them for a whole day.

Story Behind this Recipe

I saw seasoned eggs on a cooking TV program, and I tried making them several times. Then I arrived to this recipe!