No Eggs or Milk! Easy & Crumbly Soft Kinako Cookies

No Eggs or Milk! Easy & Crumbly Soft Kinako Cookies

These are shaped in a vinyl bag. They'll be ready to serve in 20 minutes. An irresistible crumbly soft cookie for those who love kinako!


Flour (cake flour)
100 g
15 g
35 g to 40 g
1 generous pinch to 2 pinches
Vegetable oil
45 g


1. Cover a small bowl with a vinyl bag, and measure all the ingredients except for the oil in the bowl. Remove the bag from the bowl and shake until the dry ingredients are evenly mixed.
2. Add oil, thoroughly rub the ingredients together, then knead. Form the dough into a square by pressing it into the corners of the bag.
3. Cut the sides of the bag, then chop the dough into your desired sizes. Wrapping the edge of the knife in plastic wrap will make this step easier, and save you the trouble of washing later.
4. Put the cut pieces onto a baking sheet, then prick with a fork (optional).
5. Bake in an oven at 340°F/170°C for 13-15 minutes, then they're done. They are very soft right out of the oven, so it's best to handle them after they cool down.
6. After Step 2, you can also roll them into balls in your hands, then flatten. This will also make clean up easy!

Story Behind this Recipe

I borrowed some hints from "lycee"'s recipe for Okinawan cookies (Recipe ID: 1008314) and came up with my own version.
This recipe is the result of trial and error. Since I'm lazy, I came up with a no-mess trick mixing the dough in a vinyl bag, and a dough that can be formed into shapes for my child with his favorite kinako flavor.