DIY Matcha Tea Powder from Tea Leaves

DIY Matcha Tea Powder from Tea Leaves

When you want to use matcha to make sweets or bread, you can make it easily at home. Tea leaves are inexpensive, so this'll help you save money too.


Green tea leaves
50 g plus
A blender (or grinding bowl/mortar and pestle)


1. Pulverize tea leaves in a blender or similar. In order to pulverize them evenly, pulse for 3 seconds, shake the blender, rest, and repeat several times.
2. If the powder seems too coarse after blending, or if you don't have a blender, grind it up in a grinding bowl with a pestle. Sift the powder, and keep grinding up any coarse bits to make a fine powder.
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Story Behind this Recipe

Matcha is expensive, plus I only had a little when I wanted to make green tea cookies. So I tried making the powder from tea leaves.