Addictive Natto and Tuna Pasta

Addictive Natto and Tuna Pasta

This pasta dish is very easy to prepare.
Eggs make the sticky natto fluffy!
You only need to use a bowl.

I used chopped natto in the picture!

Ingredients: 2 servings

2 portions
◇Natto (chopped natto is ok)
2 packages
◇Canned tuna
1 can
as needed
as needed
Nori seaweed
to your liking


1. Drain the oil from the tuna. Start boiling the pasta. In the mean time, add the ◇ ingredients into a bowl, and mix.
2. Add the boiled pasta into the bowl, and mix. If it tastes bland, add more mentsuyu.
3. Serve on a plate, sprinkle with nori seaweed on top, and you're done.

Story Behind this Recipe

I created this recipe because I love natto.