Crispy Cut-Out Cookies That You Can Cut Right Away!

Crispy Cut-Out Cookies That You Can Cut Right Away!

There's no need to rest this dough. You can cut the cookies out right away. The dough isn't sticky, so it's very easy to handle! The crispy texture is super. Easy to make with ingredients you have at home.

Ingredients: About 30 cookies, 3 cm each

Margarine or butter
50 g
30 g
Sugar (or granulated sugar)
40 g
Vanilla essence
a little
Cake flour
90 g
50 g
Cocoa powder, matcha, food coloring etc.


1. Another version of this recipe is Recipe ID: 2097047. I uploaded a recipe for squeezed cookies using the same ingredients, so check it out.
2. Microwave the margarine for 10 seconds to melt. Make sure it doesn't become too hot. Preheat the oven to 180ºC. If you are using a toaster, preheat on high heat.
3. Add cold milk, sugar, vanilla essence to the margarine and mix.
4. It will be like this when you stir it. It's fairly runny.
5. Measure in cake flour and katakuriko. You don't have to sift dry ingredients. At this point, it's easier to mix with a spatula, spoon, or cooking chopsticks.
6. When you are mixing, it will be sticky at first, but if you continue mixing...
7. it will become shiny, stop sticking to the bowl, and will form a clump. Now the plain dough is ready.
8. Divide the plain dough into as many portions as you like, and mix each one with anything you like, such as cocoa powder, to enjoy a variety of flavors.
9. You could add ingredients like cocoa powder, dried fruits, matcha, strawberry, instant coffee, sesame or black cocoa powder You could divide it into small portions and make many different kinds.
10. Use any shape or cookie cutter to your liking for cutting out the cookies.
11. Lightly dust the work surface and cut out the cookies. The surface of the cookies will feel a little bit oily but this is what keeps them from being sticky.
12. You can also simply cut the dough with a kitchen knife.
13. It's also cute to make round cookies and press the middle with your finger.
14. Bake for 13 to 15 minutes at 180 °C.
15. If you are using a toaster, toast for about 10 minutes at the highest setting. Whether you're using an oven or a toaster, adjust the time depending on how dark the cookies are becoming.
16. The cookies are soft while they're still hot, but they become crispy once they cool.
17. I think these would also look pretty decorated with a little bit of Recipe ID: 2120611 - "A Small Amount of Sugar Craft Dough".

Story Behind this Recipe

The dough for cookie cutter cookies usually has to be refrigerated for a while, but I wanted to make cookies quickly, so I tried several times and came up with these.