Sakura Rice Balls - Great for Cherry Blossom Viewing

Sakura Rice Balls - Great for Cherry Blossom Viewing

These rice balls with pickled salted sakura blossoms are perfect for spring. I added the daikon radish sprouts to make the rice balls more colourful.

Ingredients: 10 small rice balls

Mochi Sticky Rice
1 rice cup (180 ml)
White rice
1/4 rice cup (45 ml)
1 1/4 rice cup (225 ml)
Pickled sakura blossoms
about 15 g
Daikon radish sprouts
1/3 pack
Food colouring (red)
a little (optional)


1. Wash the mochi sticky rice and white rice together. Add the water and red food coloring to turn the rice a pale pink. Soak the rice for 1-2 hours, then cook with the normal setting.
2. Rinse the pickled sakura blossoms briefly and then soak in water for a short time. If you don't have food coloring, cook the rice with this water. It will give the rice a slightly pink color.
3. Set aside 10 of the rinsed sakura blossoms. Combine the rest with the daikon radish sprouts and finely chop.
4. Mix the chopped cherry blossoms and daikon radish sprouts with the cooked rice. Shape into small rice balls and top with the cherry blossoms you set aside in Step 3. Enjoy.

Story Behind this Recipe

When I made sweet rice cakes covered with anko by using the delicious recipe "Fragrant Cherry Blossom Ohagi (Recipe ID: 708150)" by user "miyuki12," the leftover rice was so tasty. I added daikon radish sprouts to make colorful rice balls, and I packed them in a lunchbox for cherry blossom viewing.