Super Easy for Short-term Diets Kimchi Tofu

Super Easy for Short-term Diets Kimchi Tofu

Easy to make and great for short-term diets!
If you replace the main dish of your meal with this kimchi tofu, you will feel satisfied and full.

Ingredients: Serves 1

200 g
70 ~ 100 g
Sesame oil
1 tablespoon


1. Heat up the sesame oil in a frying pan.
2. Gently drain the tofu and then scoop it into the frying pan with a spoon.
3. Cook for 2 minutes, add the kimchi, and then cook for another 2 minutes.
4. When you are having a cheat day or you just want to treat yourself, add some meat such as pork or a wiener sausage. You will feel full and completely satisfied!

Story Behind this Recipe

I replaced the main dish of my meals with this when I was on a short-term diet before my wedding. I lost tons of weight!

This is so easy, you can make this in five minutes.