Delicious and Easy Garlic Butter Chicken in 10 Minutes

Delicious and Easy Garlic Butter Chicken in 10 Minutes

Easy to make with the ingredients in the refrigerator.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Chicken thigh meat
200 g
Japanese leek
King oyster mushrooms
1 big
Seasoning ingredients:
2 tablespoons
Grated garlic (tubed is fine)
1 tablespoon
Soy sauce
1 tablespoon


1. Cut the ingredients. Cut the chicken into bite-size pieces and sprinkle some salt and pepper.
2. Put 1 tablespoon of butter and half a tablespoon of grated garlic in the pan before heating. When it starts to bubble, add the meat.
3. Saute the chicken until both sides of the chicken turn golden brown.
4. Add king oyster mushrooms, Japanese leek, the rest of the grated garlic, butter and keep shaking the pan while cooking.
5. Cook for 3 to 5 minutes on medium heat. When the Japanese leek and king oyster mushrooms have wilted, add soy sauce and cook for another 1 minute then it is done.

Story Behind this Recipe

I watched a CookDo commercial and used the garlic-butter sauce meant for king oyster mushroom appetizers on chicken.
It was a big hit.